About Sweet & Sassy®

A Franchise Team Dedicated to Your Success

Sweet & Sassy® is a children’s salon, spa, and party franchise – complete with ear piercing, retail, event, and limo services. Our goal is to provide Wow! Experiences through quality retail products, haircuts, spa services, and celebrations that create unforgettable memories for kids. From our top-notch customer service to the unique design of our stores, we are THE PLACE for kids and tweens to shop and be pampered.

Sweet & Sassy® believes there’s no rush in growing up and aims to inspire every kid to celebrate being a child. Our family brand does not try to make children look older than they really are with heavy make-up and costumes that reveal midriffs. Instead, we offer fun costumes that cover everything and sheer, glittery make-up that makes them look 7 – not 17.

Not only are we a feel-good family brand, but we also give franchise owners the ability to come to a place where they can party every day. Sweet & Sassy® puts the focus on providing experiences instead of services and ensures the complete happiness of both our staff and our customers. We have fun uniforms for our well-trained employees who receive above-average pay and enjoy coming to work.

If you’re ready to make kids’ dreams come true with exciting, refreshing, and fun experiences, contact us to learn more about our kids salon franchise.

What Makes Us Different?

The better question is, what doesn’t make us different? Our stores make kids and parents say, “Wow!” Sweet & Sassy® spends the money on great store designs because the specific atmosphere we strive to create plays a large role in the whole experience. Our customers know how much we appreciate them from the moment they walk through our doors and are greeted with a smile. They receive free accessories on their birthday and thank-you notes after they leave. Parents can enjoy coffee, water, and Wi-Fi while watching their kids have the time of their life.

How Do I Know If Sweet & Sassy® Is Right for Me?

Do you enjoy making children smile, serving customers, and leading a team to provide exceptional experiences? Do you have a strong work ethic, a solid business background, and a dedication to helping your business succeed? These are the traits we look for in a Sweet & Sassy® franchisee. This is far more than a fast food franchise or any other type of customer service business. As an owner of our one-of-a-kind children’s salon, spa, and party franchise, you can enjoy having creative freedom and the support of an industry-leading brand. Most importantly, you’ll inspire kids to have fun, create memorable moments with friends, and celebrate being themselves in a fun, safe space.

With three unique opportunities for revenue under one brand—salon and spa, party and limo, and retail and ear piercing—our franchise owners benefit from higher average ticket prices and a consistent revenue stream.

Owning a Sweet & Sassy Franchise of your own is a labor of love that pays off every day you come into work. If you’re ready to create unforgettable experiences for kids and tweens, we invite you to take the next steps.

Contact our friendly support team at (817) 767-0260 with any additional questions you may have about our unique kids’ spa, salon, and party franchise.