Our Industry

The Leader in Kids’ Spa, Salon & Party Franchises

Sweet & Sassy® stores go above and beyond the industry average because we have three fully developed businesses under one roof. We train you to deliver Wow! Experiences in all three areas of the business. Each area of the business cross-sells the others, resulting in sales that are 2-3 times the industry average.

Our name competes and wins in all three areas – we provide the best experiences for haircuts and spa and the best ear-piercing experience on a hot pink ear-piercing throne. We also offer the best party experiences. While competitors offer just a small room for special events, we have a runway and Glam Central area, all run by valued team members who love their jobs and receive the best training!

In addition, our private label, make-your-own interactive spa, and beauty products keep customers returning between appointments. Other chains compete and win on clipper cuts haircuts, but we compete and win in kid's haircuts, spa services, ear-piercings, interactive retail with low cost of goods sold, and parties. We are the leader in kid fun, which is why we earn 2-3 times the revenue.

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Market Trends

Consequently, over the past decade, child-centered industries have been experiencing explosive growth, with the 4-12-year-old markets more than tripling since 1990. Industry analysts, census statistics, and even reports from the AARP all seem to point to one thing: businesses that cater to the unique needs of children are some of the hottest industries in today’s market.

The growth of indirect and direct child consumerism can be attributed to a variety of factors:

  • Women are having children later in life, and – as a result – are better educated, more financially stable, and are very certain of what they want for themselves as well as for their families.
  • Grandparents have become some of the most significant consumers in the industry. According to the AARP, people more than 50 years old earn a total of almost $2 trillion annually and represent more than 50% of total discretionary spending power. In 2002, an AARP study found that grandparents were likely to spend $1,000-$2,500 annually on their grandchildren, and that figure continues to climb.
  • Even with a dip in the economy, people still continue to spend money on their children, especially essential services such as birthday parties and haircuts.
  • A boom of well-experienced entrepreneurial moms are buying successful franchises that fit their lifestyles and passion for working with children.
  • Child-centered salons, children’s party venues, and children’s retail outlets continue to experience rapid growth in the children’s franchise market. The unique aspect of Sweet & Sassy® is that it combines all elements seamlessly under one roof.

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