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Taking the Kids’ Salon & Party Franchise Industry to New Heights

The Sweet & Sassy® experience typically begins with an enthusiastic “WOW” upon entering the store, right after the head-turning gaze at the bright pink limousine parked just outside. Sweet & Sassy® is as much an awe-inspiring visual treat as it is an entertaining party or salon experience.

Our eye-catching imagery inside and out says to our guests, “Fun awaits you here!” Opening the doors reveals a contemporary store design of lime green, royal purple, and bright orange. Overhead you hear the sounds of today’s hottest young artists while monitors surrounding you play movies and videos that appeal to our target market: “kids and tweens.”

The front section of each store showcases the latest in tween retail items including hair accessories, jewelry, spa items, plush animals, and room decor. On your left, kids giggle about their nail art in our custom purple pedicure pit. To your right, stylists give top-quality haircuts to young ones. The kids could not be happier as they enjoy gourmet lollipops while watching their favorite videos – what a treat!

In the back party area, fashion divas, popstars, and princesses parade on stage with fun, informal up-do’s, a glittery star on their cheek, and sparkles in their hair. Our store is fun and exciting for our guests, their parents, and our team. We are committed to “Making our Customer’s Day, Every Day” and our store design sets the stage for that to happen.

How Our Unique Combination of Services Benefits You

The seasonality of our three business streams offset each other for more stable monthly revenues than a business that focuses only on parties, retail, or salon. We cross-promote the three main areas of our business to increase average ticket price and annual revenue.

Call (817) 767-0260 to learn more about how the Sweet & Sassy® franchise concept can help you achieve success by giving kids the freedom to be themselves in a fun, exciting environment.