Ear Piercing & Retail

Making the Experience Truly Unforgettable

The Sassy Shoppe© sells tween- and kid-targeted retail items, many of which are unique to Sweet & Sassy®, like quality birthday accessories and unique giftables. The retail store benefits from foot traffic both in the mall and lifestyle center locations. It also benefits from impromptu purchases made by salon and party customers. We give store tours and bounce-back coupons to our retail customers, making them more likely to come back for salon, spa, and party experiences.

The Sassy Shoppe© is the first thing you see when walking into the store. Top selling categories include:

  • Jewelry
  • Hair accessories
  • Spa items
  • Plush (stuffed animals)
  • Creation stations
  • Room Decor

Many of our suppliers give Sweet & Sassy® discounts of 10% or more and/or free freight. Private-label retail items are purchased in bulk at discounted prices. These items are often marked up more than three times the cost in many of our locations. We also receive significant discounts on party supplies as well as marketing and promotional materials through bulk buys.

Contact us at (817) 767-0260 for more information about all the benefits of owning a Sweet & Sassy® franchise!

Helping You Boost Retail Profits

One of our company goals is to save you more money than you spend in royalties. We do not receive any kickbacks from vendors and do not require any specific retail product purchases. Many other franchisors receive funds from marking up supplies and then requiring franchisees to purchase directly from them. Instead, we get great discounts for our franchisees, but allow them to choose which items sell best in their store (as long as they fit within our retail groups and are approved).

We will train you on how to purchase, price, and merchandise retail items for your store. The initial order is based on what sells best in other stores. You will move or clearance out what doesn’t sell and re-order what does. This is many franchise owners’ favorite part of owning their own Sweet & Sassy®.

Enchanted Ear Piercings

We can’t imagine a better place to get your ears pierced! Guests walk up to our custom pink ear-piercing throne, choose from many different styles of Sweet & Sassy® sterile earrings, hold (or hug) a stuffed animal, get their ears marked and pierced, receive a souvenir ear piercing certificate with photo, and enjoy a post-piercing gourmet lollipop! Highly trained staff pierce two ears at the same time, which is unique for the industry and a huge selling point for mom. Our sterile 14k gold and hypo-allergenic earrings custom-made for Sweet & Sassy® are also a unique selling point.

Ear piercing is an ear-resistable experience and often contagious, as one guest sees another guest get pierced and then excitedly wants to be next. We love ear piercings at Sweet & Sassy®! As a franchise owner, you can invite customers onto the throne for this once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Sweet & Sassy® can give you the tools to create unforgettable moments for kids and tweens! Call (817) 767-0260 to learn more about our retail and ear piercing experiences.