Parties & Events

Creating Unforgettable Moments

Running a Sweet & Sassy® store of your own is both a lot of work and a lot of fun. Parties bring in high foot traffic. If we have 10 parties on a Saturday, that is 100+ children in our store for parties, not including siblings and parents. You can expect even more revenue if your customers add our limo service to their celebration.

When our events prove to be a great experience for parents, we witness more party bookings and turn a percentage of guests into salon customers through bounce-back coupons on their souvenir photo-folio.

Parties are truly unforgettable at Sweet & Sassy®! Call (817) 767-0260 for more information.

Throw Fabulous Parties

Each and every customer experience at Sweet & Sassy® should be fun and memorable. However, the Sweet & Sassy® party experience is for what we are most known. We strive to make each kid’s party the “best party ever!”

Each party (except the Spa Party) includes:

  • Costumes
  • Party up-do’s
  • Makeup and nails
  • Singing and dancing
  • A runway component (princess ceremony, runway show, or jam session)
  • Photo folio gift

Add-on services include the pink limousine, make-your-own creation stations, and goody bags. We change up our parties every three years (on average) and offer free online invitations for our customers.

Glam-Central©: What Your Parties Will Look Like

A ”backstage” style makeover counter, logo-embroidered directors chairs, a child-friendly runway, silver beaded runway curtain, costume changing rooms, and shimmery disco ball make for the perfect event.

Party Girls on the Go!© Hot Pink Limo

The Sweet & Sassy® signature stretch limo seats up to 10 friends, complete with surround sound and pink leather seats. Our party limo has its own revenue stream as an add-on service to parties. It also serves as a hot pink rolling billboard, advertising our concept in neighborhoods.

Many of our local news stories have been featured around our pink limousine. Our limo creates lots of buzz in the community and is another stand-out point for our stores. Whether you are adding a limo service to a party, picking up a child from school on their birthday, giving rides at a fun night out, or using the limo for a festival or a charity event, it gets lots of attention and is a great source of both sales and advertising. There is a direct correlation between how much the limo is out in the community and party sales.

The limo experience includes:

  • Rolling out the red carpet and opening the back door for our limo guests
  • Driving around town as they wave to their fans and friends
  • Playing their favorite music complete with laser light show
  • Delivering them to their final destination with smiles and in style

Let the good times roll.

Contact us at (817) 767-0260 to learn more about our events and limo services. We appreciate your interest in this Sweet & Sassy® opportunity!