Why Sweet & Sassy®?

Choose the Leading Kids’ Salon, Spa & Party Franchise

While there are many reasons why entrepreneurs choose to invest in Sweet & Sassy®, one of the biggest is our unique and creative concept. No one else in the industry offers all the services we do — salon and spa, party and limo, and retail and ear piercing — under one roof. Our experience has allowed us to observe which franchise owners and locations perform the best and have what it takes to make it through a recession.

Industry Leader

We are proud to be the leader in our industry. Over the last 10 years, we have made a name for ourselves as THE place for children and tweens to have fun, be themselves, and build confidence.

One Customer, Multiple Revenue Streams

Sweet & Sassy® has diversified revenue streams, all selling to one targeted customer (girls between the ages of 3 and 12). We cross-sell salon services, spa services, ear piercings, makeovers, parties, limo services, girls’ nights out, summer minicamps, and retail – all under one roof – for a higher average ticket price and higher annual customer spending.

Exceptional Training

We provide manuals and unwavering support for every step of the onboarding process, such as:

  • Operations
  • Guides for parties
  • Guides for hiring
  • Franchisee intranet
  • Advertising training
  • Purchasing and merchandising training
  • Up-Do training
  • Ear piercing training
  • Email blast training
  • Facebook training

Our franchise support team is committed to both pre-opening training and ongoing training. You’ll never need to worry about starting from square one. Our extensive training programs coupled with our exceptional marketing tactics can help further ensure your success as a proud Sweet & Sassy® franchise owner.

Do you want to create memorable moments for kids and build their confidence while achieving your professional goals? Contact us to take the next steps.

Exceptional Marketing

If you take a look at our website, brochure, and advertising, you’ll see that we provide six fresh seasonal packages per year and a library full of marketing images, ads, and photography. Our advertising is bold, exciting, and really pops off the page (or computer screen).

Making Customers Smile

The goal of each of our stores is to look for ways to make our customer’s day, every day. While it’s hard work, this is a fun franchise where you can celebrate a baby’s first haircut, a five-year-old getting their ears pierced, a nine-year-old having the party of their dreams with a pink limo ride, or a four-year-old finding a puppy purse that makes them smile. Our stores are fun and, as franchise owner, it’s your job to fill it with smiles. With our unwavering support and your determination, we can create Wow! Experiences for children in your community.

Transparency & Shared Goals

More than 95% of our franchise company’s sales come from two sources: franchise fees and franchise royalties. That’s it. There are no hidden real estate fees, no hidden supplier kickbacks or marked-up supplies for franchisor gain, and no national advertising fund with high administration fees. If your sales go up, our sales go up. If your sales go down, our sales go down. We have become very selective about who we bring in as a franchisee, as our success is tied to yours.

Store Design

We have created a fun, exciting, and inviting store design. We keep tweaking it as we go, and it gets better and better. It’s one of the many reasons why we are the leader in our industry. Kids love spending time in our store, and our design is one of the many things that sets us apart from our competitors.

Staying the Best at What We Do

We compete and win in each area of our business. Our salon, spa, parties, and ear piercing services are all better than our competitors’ offerings for the reasons previously listed. We are committed to staying on top and work hard to make sure our stores and offerings stay fresh and offer the best experiences for our guests and their parents.

Sweet & Sassy® is far more than a business investment opportunity with the potential for success – it’s a chance to give kids the freedom to be themselves; it’s a party you can throw for your guests every day; it’s a place where customers can come to relax and pamper themselves.

Are you ready to create a positive impact on the lives of children in your community? Call (817) 767-0260 to get started!