Three Businesses under One Roof

Your Role as a Buyer, Party Planner & Kids’ Salon/Spa Franchise Owner

While Sweet & Sassy® has recommended buy-lists of proven sellers, our franchise owners act as buyers, in that they get to pick their products and merchandise them in their stores. As one of our franchise owners, you’ll have the opportunity to manage customer experiences in the salon and party area and be a part of the community by participating in school events and workshops, as well as owning our hot pink limousine.

Many of our franchisees really enjoy the aspect of purchasing and merchandising their own kids’ boutique. They also enjoy running a party and salon business. Sure, you can invest in a basic haircut business or trampoline park, but only Sweet & Sassy® lets you own and run a retail store with a hot pink ear-piercing throne, kids’ salon, and kids’ party area complete with a hot pink limo. You can experience the success of three fun and unique businesses simultaneously.

One Customer – Multiple Revenue Streams

With three diverse revenue streams that all sell to one targeted customer (kids between 3 and 12 years old), you can feel confident in the success of your business. Sweet & Sassy® cross-sells salon and spa services, parties, makeovers, ear piercings, retail, summer minicamps, kids’ nights out, and limo services – all under one roof – for higher annual customer spending and an increased average ticket price.

How Three Different Revenue Streams Benefit You

By offering spa, salon, and party services, our stores accrue more revenue than any other competitor in the industry. We’ll train you to turn each of these services into Wow! Experiences for every guest. Best of all, these three businesses cross-sell one another, resulting in sales 2-3 times more than the industry average.

Transparency & Shared Goals

At Sweet & Sassy®, we are quite proud of our level of transparency. More than 95% of our franchise company’s sales come from franchise fees and franchise royalties – that’s it! There are no hidden fees or kickbacks. Our success is based off of yours. Your sales affect ours, whether they go up or down. This is why we are very selective about who we bring onto our franchise team and why we are so excited to offer a franchise opportunity with three different revenue streams. Our Sweet & Sassy® team is confident in your ability to succeed professionally while creating moments that kids will remember forever.

Contact us to learn more about how our Sweet & Sassy® business model makes for the best kids’ spa, salon, and party franchise opportunity.