Exceptional Training and Support

We help you every step of the way

We believe in and provide exceptional training and support. From being with you step-by-step to make sure that your store is beautiful and you have everything needed for a successful opening. To helping you grow your revenue and profits once you are already open. We’re committed to your success. We offer a quarterly Sweet & Sassy Growth Circle® program where we help you increase revenue and profits each quarter. This quarterly circle consists of the following:

The Scorecard Snapshot® - we’ve created a dashboard that allows you to see your sales and expenses for the past quarter, by category, and compare those sales to other participating stores. This dashboard creates green, yellow, and red areas that show where you are doing exceptionally well, where you are doing okay, and where you have opportunities to improve. This Snapshot also shows your Google Review, Yelp, and other Social Media scores compared to other stores. This quarterly snapshot allows you to know how your doing each quarter in each area of the business.

The Growing Growth Gameplan® - each quarter we work together to help you identify a few key things you can do to grow top line revenue. This includes creating tactics on getting new customers, increasing your current customer repeat rate, increasing community engagement and growing your event business.

The Wow-Factor Expander® - A huge part of your growth and success will be related to creating Wow! Experiences for customers. Our best stores are exceptional at this, and we provide all the tools you need.

Each quarter, we’ll look at improving your Wow! Survey Score and NPS score through:

  • Continual training of your team
  • Awesome retail as a first Wow! Impression
  • Simplifying processes and the understanding of the few key things you need to do to deliver Wow! results

The Money Finding Maximizer® - Our franchise support team analyzes your P&L’s quarterly to identify the few key things you can do each quarter to increase profits. We follow a “Profit First” philosophy and have partnered with a CPA who can provide you with reduced-cost and high-quality bookkeeping services, help you identify and envision the best path to future profitability, and help provide the tools you need to create a work/life balance.

Peer Group Push-Ups® - We offer peer group push-ups for our franchisees. These peer groups allow you to share best practices and ideas with other franchise owners, resulting in collaboration, positive peer pressure, growth, and relationship-building.

Shout-Outs & Pay-Outs Celebration!® - Sweet & Sassy® holds quarterly local and national award celebrations to award recognition and prizes to franchisees who focus on the right behaviors that provide results. These celebrations allow our stores to share how they are expressing our core values and “wins” through the sharing of video stories and award spotlights. It’s also fun for team members!

Staying the Best at What We Do

From your first phone call until Opening Day, and all the days that follow, the Sweet & Sassy® franchise support team will be by your side. As the kids’ salon, spa, and party franchise industry leader, we have the experience and tools to guide you through every step of your journey. We’ll help you compete and win in each area of the business. All of the services we offer are better than our competitors’ offerings. We are committed to staying on top and work hard to make sure our stores and offerings stay fresh and offer the best.

Making Customers Smile

Our goal is to find ways to make our customers’ day, every day. Owning a business is hard work, but owning a Sweet & Sassy® makes it all worth it by allowing you to celebrate a baby’s first haircut, the birthday party of a kid’s dreams, a child’s first ear piercing, and an exciting shopping experience – all in one place. As a franchise owner, you can enjoy both coming to work and to a party every day and create lifelong memories for guests. It will be your job to fill your store with smiles, and our support team is ready to give you all the help you need. Together, we can create Wow! Experiences for all the kids and parents who walk through your door.

Contact us for more information about the training and support you’ll receive as a Sweet & Sassy®franchisee.