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About Our Eras Party Themes for Kids

Welcome to Sweet & Sassy of Lehigh Valley, where we bring history to life with our unique and exciting Eras Party Themes for kids! We specialize in creating unforgettable birthday experiences that transport your child and their friends to different time periods. From the roaring '20s to the groovy '70s, our eras-themed parties are designed to be both educational and fun.

Transport your child to their favorite era with our Eras Party Service in Lehigh Valley, PA! Book now to create timeless memories they'll cherish. Let's make history together!

Vintage Party Ideas for Children

Our vintage party ideas for children are designed to bring the charm and excitement of past decades to life. Here are some of our most popular themes:

  • Roaring '20s: Flapper dresses, jazz music, and speakeasy games.

  • Fabulous '50s: Poodle skirts, rock 'n' roll, and classic diner-themed activities.

  • Groovy '70s: Disco balls, bell-bottom pants, and funky dance-offs.

  • Radical '80s: Neon colors, arcade games, and retro music.

How to Plan an Eras Themed Party

Planning an eras-themed party with Sweet & Sassy of Lehigh Valley is a straightforward and enjoyable process. Begin by selecting the decade that most interests your child as the party theme. Once you've chosen, book your preferred party package to secure your reservation. Themed invitations matching your selected era will be provided, simplifying the invitation process. Collaborate with our team to tailor activities that suit your theme, ensuring a memorable experience for all guests. Encourage attendees to dress in era-appropriate costumes to enhance the festive atmosphere. Finally, on the day of the event, relax and enjoy as we handle the details, ensuring a fun-filled celebration for everyone involved.

Interactive Party Activities for Kids

Our eras-themed parties are packed with interactive party activities for kids that keep them engaged and entertained. Some of our popular activities include:

  • Dance Competitions: Show off your best moves in a themed dance-off.

  • Craft Stations: Create era-specific crafts like friendship bracelets or tie-dye shirts.

  • Photo Booths: Capture memories with fun props and backdrops.

  • Scavenger Hunts: Explore historical facts and find hidden treasures.

Sweet and Sassy Party Decorations

No party is complete without the perfect decorations. Our Sweet and Sassy party decorations are designed to transform any space into a time-traveling adventure. From vintage posters to themed table settings, we provide everything you need to set the scene.

Eras Party Costume Suggestions

Costumes are a big part of the fun at our eras-themed parties. Here are some costume suggestions to help your guests get into the spirit:

  • Roaring '20s: Flapper dresses, feather headbands, and bow ties.

  • Fabulous '50s: Poodle skirts, leather jackets, and saddle shoes.

  • Groovy '70s: Bell-bottoms, tie-dye shirts, and platform shoes.

  • Radical '80s: Neon leggings, oversized shirts, and big hair accessories.

Affordable Eras Party Planning

At Sweet & Sassy of Lehigh Valley, we believe that every child deserves a magical birthday experience. That's why we offer affordable eras party planning options to fit every budget. From basic packages to all-inclusive celebrations, we have something for everyone. today to learn more about our pricing and to book your child's unforgettable eras-themed party!

Ready to plan the perfect eras-themed party for your child? Book now to turn dreams into reality!

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