Why Choose Sweet & Sassy®?

We Are the Premier Kid Salon, Spa & Party Place

When you’re looking for a fun destination where a kid can be a kid—and so much more—Sweet & Sassy® has you covered. Our kid salon, spa, and celebration space offer everything you could want and so much more. From getting your hair done to pampering yourself to birthday parties, our friendly kid salon team can provide an unforgettable experience. Unlike other spas and salons, all our services are catered to you and all the things you love.

From the moment you walk through the doors of our store, you will be treated like a princess. From kid-focused conversations to the music and TV shows playing, every inch of our environment will make you feel like you’re in a world you have only dreamed of.

Salon, Spa & So Much More

Any salon can give you a haircut, and any spa can make you comfortable, but at Sweet & Sassy®, we go above and beyond. In addition to being specifically catered to kids, our kid spa services include countless add-ons that you won’t find anywhere else.

Our Children's haircuts are made extra special with:

  • Glitter spray and a glitter star
  • Sweet blowouts or braids
  • Yummy lollipops

Our Children's spa experience includes:

  • Sweet Treat manis and pedis
  • Hand, foot, and leg massage
  • Your choice of lotion scent
  • Fun nail art
  • Finger and toe rings

Princess Party Central for Kids of All Ages

Once a year, your birthday comes around, and it’s important that it’s the most exciting day of the year. At Sweet & Sassy®, we can make it that and so much more. Our birthday party services go all out and will make you feel like the princess—or pop star—you always dreamed of being.

We offer several fun themes and all the extras required to make your dream a reality. Prefer a spa theme? We’ve got it. Always dreamed of walking down the runway? Prepare yourself to do just that. We are in the business of making memories you’ll be talking about long after the party is over.

When you party with Sweet & Sassy®, you can expect:

  • Fun-filled themed activities
  • Custom online invitations

The Choice is Easy

Finding somewhere to treat yourself or have a party is easy. Finding a place that caters to you and cares about your experience? Not so much. Until now. Sweet & Sassy® is more than just a kid salon or spa—we are an environment where kids can be themselves, indulge their fantasies, and bond with friends. Whether it’s for an hour or for an afternoon, you’ll feel as special as you deserve. We don’t just do services—we provide WOW customer experiences. Come find out why today!

Sweetness Served One Scoop at a Time

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What Our Fans are Saying

  • The entire first haircut toddler experience at Sweet and Sassy was wonderful! All staff were extremely friendly, helpful, and organized. My son's hairdresser was professional, patient, and quick but thorough. I recommend them to everyone!
  • My daughter 11th bday celebrations was great and fun with Sweet and Sassy. Spa-tacular package with limo ride was perfect for bday celebration for her. Thank u Sweet and sassy group for making the event great and vibrant ❤️
  • Such a fun experience for little girls!! Mani/pedi, hair style, and so much more! So glad we came for the 1st time and I'm sure we will return!
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