Sweet & Sassy® Fabulous Workshops

Providing Children with the Tools They Need for a Bright Future

Sweet & Sassy® is more than just a fun place where kids can go to be kids. In addition to our kid salon, spa, and birthday party services, we also offer fun workshops that will teach everyone a variety of lessons. You will learn, share, and play with others in a supportive environment surrounded by your friends and peers. We have created special workshops that are perfect for Girl Scout troops, Adventure Princesses, sports teams, and any other large groups.

Fusing Fun & Informative

At Sweet & Sassy®, we believe that learning should be fun. When combined with the right tools and environment, a lot of strong foundational lessons can be taught and absorbed. Our workshops are designed to be both informative and enjoyable and the perfect opportunity to bond with friends and make new ones. Review some of our popular workshops below, and then reach out to your local Sweet & Sassy® for a complete list of classes.

Fun with Friends

There is no relationship more treasured for children than strong friendships. With this workshop, you can come and celebrate those friendships at Sweet & Sassy®. You’ll forge strong bonds with one another through our various activities, including getting dressed up, dancing, and a runway show. You’ll inevitably learn more about each other and will come away with an understanding of the importance of friendship.

This workshop also includes:

  • Party updos
  • Glittery makeovers
  • Sweet & Sassy Patch

Manners Matter

Pass the cake! We mean, pass the cake, please. In this workshop, our young stars will learn all about manners, common courtesy, and proper etiquette. This is a hands-on informational workshop. Participants will practice introductions, greetings, table etiquette, manners, how to write thank-you notes, and so much more.

This workshop also offers:

  • Manners class
  • Party Updos
  • Glittery Makeover
  • Sweet & Sassy Patch

Mind Your Business

This exciting workshop grants you all-access to the Sweet & Sassy® world by allowing you to see what it’s like to work at one of our locations! There’s a lot of hard work and dedication that goes into planning a party, and the guests will have a lot of fun learning how to lead, greet customers, and more while earning glitter stars and hair scents. Our games are designed to promote business savvy.

This workshop includes:

  • Party Updos
  • Glittery Makeover
  • Sweet & Sassy Patch

Sweet & Sassy® Workshop FAQ

How much are the workshops?

Our workshops typically cost between $30-$40 per participant, depending on the workshop and location. Please contact your local Sweet & Sassy® for exact pricing.

How long do the Workshops last?

Our workshops last about 1.5 hours

How many can attend?

To book one of our workshops, you’ll need at least four kids in your group and up to 35. Please call your store to confirm how many may attend.

Do these workshops fulfill requirements for related Girl Scout badges?

These workshops fulfill most of the requirements for Girl Scout badges. Reference your Girl Scout badge handbook and feel free to ask us specifics about our planned activities. We strive to support Girl Scouts in meeting their badge goals.

When should I reserve my workshop?

Our stores work to take last minute groups whenever possible, but sometimes book up two to four weeks in advance. If you are looking for a specific date, we recommend reserving your space at least four weeks in advance.

How can I make suggestions for improvements?

Please let us know if you have suggestions for how we can make these workshops better.

Email: info@sweetandsassy.com.

Do we have to be a part of a Girl Scout Troop or Sports Team to choose a Workshop?

No, any group of four or more may choose to have a workshop. Our workshops are also popular with Indian Princesses, Youth Groups, Mom’s Groups, and groups of friends.

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