Kids Makeovers in Fall Creek

Kids Makeover Party Specialists

At Sweet & Sassy of Fall Creek, we celebrate the inner diva, fashionista, runway model, and international superstar ready to emerge from within every child. While young, it is oh so important to dream.

The capacity to emulate one’s favorite idols and role models is a crucial part of developing both confidence and self-esteem. We all know what it is like to crave to be just a little more mature, a little more famous, and a little more extravagant. That is why the team at Sweet & Sassy offers our super popular Kids Makeover Parties in Fall Creek.

We want to animate youthful yearnings into a vivid reality. We want to offer a safe space for young children to feel spectacular, and to let their personalities shine.

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Makeover Dreams Becoming a Reality!

Makeover parties are one of the most exciting ways for anyone to celebrate friendship and a vibrant imagination. By throwing on a costume and experiencing what it feels like to be the center of attention, Sweet & Sassy in Fall Creek is the place where kids can actualize the joy of experiencing a real-life fantasy.

Fulfilling young spirits with a splash of fun and a burst of positive energy is why we are here. Nothing makes us happier than seeing big smiles plastered across young and beautiful faces.

Sweet & Sassy’s Makeover Package

Whether you are celebrating a great report card or looking to throw a makeover birthday party, Sweet & Sassy of Fall Creek is excited and ready to accommodate your individual needs. We have a lot of creative and fun makeover options that allow us to customize our Kids Makeover Parties to match the specific theme of your choice.

Our four primary options include:

  • Spa-Tacular
  • Perfect Princess
  • Fashion Runway
  • Girls Rock

We also personalize each event to suit the size and age group of the party, doing everything in our power to make the Makeover Party a memory of a lifetime. View our pricing here!

What Can Be Expect From a Makeover Package?

At Sweet & Sassy of Fall Creek, your unforgettable makeover party package will include:

  1. Create-your-own station – This station allows young and vibrant minds to get inventive and artistic.
  2. Shimmery make-up application – With glistening cosmetic products, every child will feel ultra-fancy and glowing.
  3. Themed party updo – Our team of hair stylists will elaborately doll-up everyone’s hair.
  4. Makeover accessories – Tiaras, wands, beaded necklaces, dazzling jewelry, and professional headsets will transform each child into royalty.
  5. Just-a-polish – Let those cuticles shine and twinkle with fanciful nail art.
  6. Glitter star and scented hair shots – Lets the whole party feel like fairy tale princesses and smell amazing too while posing for photographs with friends.

How Do I Get Started?

Getting started is as easy as a phone call away! The gleaming eyes and radiant beaming smile on a young child are enough to make any parent satisfied. Place your confidence in Sweet & Sassy of Fall Creek the next time you want to throw a breathtaking party, and we will show you what the Sweet & Sassy Difference® is all about.

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To learn more about our kids makeover party packages in Fall Creek, TX, or to schedule an appointment, call us at (832) 501-1717 or contact us online today.