Sweet & Sassy® Hot Pink Limo Services

Enhance Your Party Experience

When it comes to your birthday party, you want nothing but the best. Though all our party themes are complete with accessories and fun activities, sometimes you just want to go above and beyond. Our signature hot pink limo is a great way for the birthday girl to arrive with her friends in style to celebrate her special day. Our limo rides make the perfect add-on to an already fun experience. Not only are they exhilarating, but they’re also affordable, too. Contact your local Sweet & Sassy® for availability and pricing.

Limo Ride Options

Depending on your preferences and the size of your party, we can accommodate your needs in a variety of ways. Our pink limo services can be just a part of your party—or the entire thing!

Our options include:

  • Roundtrip limo rides (pickup and drop-off)
  • One-way rides
  • 15/20-minute ride-around

All children must be accompanied by an adult or an employee. Mileage restrictions and additional mileage charges may apply.

*Limo options, pricing, seating and ride length may vary per location, check with your local store for more information

Other Creative Ideas

Our fun pink limos are available for so much more than just birthday parties! They can be rented for community events such as school carnivals, fairs, grand openings, and more. One of our most favorite uses here at Sweet & Sassy® is the limo surprise. There are few more priceless moments than being picked up at school in a pink limo. Take a trip to our store for a personal pampering or for a party with your friends.

Pink Limo FAQ

How many friends can ride with me in the limo?

That depends on your store's limo style and limo policy. Most limos seat 10 guests under the age of 12. Contact your location for details.

Can I bring food and drink in the limo?

Unfortunately, we don't allow food and beverages in the limo, but we can take you and your friends to destinations that offer food and drink.

Can I add a limo on to a service or do I need to have a party?

While we don't offer limo services to the general public, you can add a limo service on to any service or party. Some guests choose to arrive at their pedicure in style with a special friend on a special day, while others enjoy the limo for parties and larger celebrations.

Is there a minimum or maximum age limit for the limo?

There is no minimum or maximum age limit for the limo. Elementary age children often enjoy having the limo pick them up from school for their service or party.

Can we bring our own music?

Yes, you can bring your own music. It must be age-appropriate for the party and free of explicit language or subject matter. Check your local Sweet & Sassy® for more specific information on music and video options.

Should we tip our limo driver?

That is your choice, but it is customary to tip limo drivers for a job well done.

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What Our Fans are Saying

  • The entire first haircut toddler experience at Sweet and Sassy was wonderful! All staff were extremely friendly, helpful, and organized. My son's hairdresser was professional, patient, and quick but thorough. I recommend them to everyone!
  • My daughter 11th bday celebrations was great and fun with Sweet and Sassy. Spa-tacular package with limo ride was perfect for bday celebration for her. Thank u Sweet and sassy group for making the event great and vibrant ❤️
  • Such a fun experience for little girls!! Mani/pedi, hair style, and so much more! So glad we came for the 1st time and I'm sure we will return!
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