Professional Ear-Piercing Services In Selma, TX

Ear Piercing For Kids Near You

Experience the excitement and fun of getting your ears pierced with Sweet & Sassy of Selma. Our ear-piercing services offer a once-in-a-lifetime experience that will leave your ears looking irresistible. We understand that getting your ears pierced can be a little nerve-wracking, which is why we provide reassuring services that will have you sparkling in no time.

With your parent's or guardian's approval, browse through our wide selection of earrings and pick out your favorite for your first pair. With a quick pinch, your ears will be good to go and adorned with your very own first pair of earrings!

The ear-piercing will include the following:

  • Cleaning solution
  • Ear-piercing certificate
  • 14k gold or stainless steel earrings
  • Lollipop
  • Keepsake photo

Ready to make your child's ear-piercing experience unforgettable? Visit Sweet & Sassy of Selma and choose from our wide selection of earrings today! Contact us online or call (830) 445-2985.

Kids Ear-Piercing FAQs

Why choose Sweet & Sassy of Selma for kids' ear-piercing services?

We understand how important it is for your little one to have a memorable and comfortable experience, which is why we go above and beyond to make this moment special for both you and your child. From the plush throne-like chair to the keepsake photo and certificate, every little detail is carefully thought out to ensure a memorable experience. Your child can sit in the comfort of mom or dad's lap or even hold a stuffed animal for added comfort during the process. Our goal at Sweet & Sassy of Selma is to provide a special experience that you and your little one will cherish for years to come.

Is there anything I should know about caring for my ears after they have been pierced?

After you get your ears pierced, a trained staff member will teach you how to clean them. We recommend wearing the earrings provided for a minimum of two months and keeping a pair of earrings in your ears at all times for at least one year. Your ears should be cleaned twice a day with the provided solution.

What is the earliest I can wear fashion earrings?

After two months of getting your ears pierced, you may try non-surgical steel or non-14k gold earrings. You should return to wearing Surgical Steel or 14k Gold earrings for another two months if you show signs of sensitivity. It may take a while for your sensitivity to other metals to wear off or you may develop a lifelong allergy to certain metals. Symptoms of sensitivity should be discussed with your doctor. Those with sensitive ears may benefit from nickel-free earrings.

Want to make your kid's day? Come visit us in Selma for our excellent ear-piercing services! We offer a wide variety of fun and cute earrings that your child will love. Call (830) 445-2985 today or reach out online!