Sweet & Sassy of West Fort Worth

Fashion Runway Parties in Fort Worth, TX

Stellar Fashion Runway Experience for Young Superstars

In search of an extraordinary birthday celebration for your fashion-savvy child? Sweet & Sassy of West Fort Worth offers a one-of-a-kind fashion runway experience that promises to be the highlight of the year. Kids get the chance to dress up, receive a makeover, and strut their stuff on the runway, making it an absolute delight for little style enthusiasts.

Our Sweet & Sassy® Runway experience, designed specifically for children aged 5-13, is an all-encompassing fashion extravaganza that will make your child feel like a superstar. Ideal for kids with a flair for fashion and a love for dressing up, this interactive experience encourages their creative expression.

More Than Just a Fashion Show

The Sweet & Sassy® Runway experience goes beyond the conventional fashion show, offering an engaging bonding opportunity that fosters enduring memories among friends and family. As part of the experience, kids can pick from a range of outfits and accessories to craft their signature look. Our skilled staff will then provide a comprehensive makeover, including hair styling, makeup application, and mini manicure services.

Creating Timeless Fashion Memories

Once your child is prepped for the runway, they'll take center stage to flaunt their stunning transformation. Our runway sets the stage for picture-perfect moments, capturing your child's vibrant personality. They can strike dynamic poses and walk the runway in their chosen outfit while being cheered on by friends and family.

The Sweet & Sassy® Runway experience doesn't just offer a memorable party idea; it also serves as a platform to boost confidence and self-esteem among children. By experiencing the modeling world, kids learn to feel comfortable expressing themselves and celebrating their uniqueness. Our team promotes an inclusive environment that values diversity, creativity, and self-expression.

At Sweet & Sassy of West Fort Worth, our fashion runway parties are designed to turn your child's dreams into reality. We prioritize creating a positive atmosphere where kids can learn to appreciate individuality. Let your child experience the thrill of being a fashion star by booking a Sweet & Sassy® Runway party today!

Call (817) 587-0472 for more information about our fashion runway parties and to schedule an unforgettable celebration!

Fashion Runway - $400
  • Get runway ready then make your modeling debut on the Sweet & Sassy Stage!

  • Includes:
  • Fashion Show Finale
  • Photo Prop Fun
  • Strike-a-Pose Workshop
  • Makeup & Just-a-Polish
  • Runway Up-Do
  • Fashionista Dress-Up
  • $35 Per Additional Guest
Party Add-Ons
  • Make Your Own Bath Salt $9
  • Make Your Own Body Glitter $9
  • Make Your Own Bath Bomb 4-Pack $15
  • Make Your Own Sugar Scrub $9
  • Make Your Own Lotion $9
  • Party Goody Bags $10
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