Sweet & Sassy of San Antonio

Kids Pop Star Birthday Party in San Antonio

Make Your Kids Pop Star Dreams Come True!

Are you ready to unleash your inner pop star? At Sweet & Sassy of San Antonio, we're more than just a kid’s salon and spa—we’re your ultimate destination for fun-filled birthday parties!

Whether you dream of being a princess, a rock star, or anything in between, we make all your birthday wishes come true. Among our many exciting themes, our Pop Star! Jam Session and Dance Party stands out as a fan favorite!

Perfect for kids who love to sing, dance, and dress like their favorite idols, this party is best suited for little stars aged seven and up!

Step into the Spotlight!

Have you ever dreamed of being just like the pop stars you see on TV? Now it's your time to step into their shoes! Choose our Pop Star Party, and become the star of your own show. With fun costume changes, music, and an incredible Pop Star makeover, you'll feel like you're performing on stage just like your favorite artists.

Alongside your best friends, you'll have a blast singing and dancing to your favorite tunes. It's going to be a day to remember!

Our pop star themed birthday party includes:

  • Pop Star Costumes: Dress up like a true pop sensation.
  • Pop Star Up-Do: Get a glamorous hairstyle to rock your look.
  • Colored Hair Extensions: Add some vibrant colors to your hair for that superstar vibe.
  • Pop Star Makeup & Polish: Feel fabulous with professional makeup and nail polish.
  • Jam Session & Freestyle Dance: Sing and dance your heart out in a fun-filled jam session

The Sweet & Sassy® Birthday Party Experience

At Sweet & Sassy of San Antonio, we’re dedicated to making your birthday unforgettable from start to finish. The moment you step into our store, you’ll be treated like the superstar you truly are!

We strive to create an atmosphere that’s not only enjoyable but also inspiring for you and all your guests. Here, you can be exactly who you are in a fun and supportive environment. That’s the Sweet & Sassy® way!

Sing, dance, & shine like a star! Contact us at (210) 321-9824 or online to book your Pop Star birthday party today!

Pop Star - $289
  • Have a Rockin’ Good Time as you Jam Out with your Friends!

  • Includes:
  • Pop Star Costumes
  • Pop Star Up-Do
  • Colored Hair Extension
  • Pop Star Makeup & Polish
  • Jam Session & Freestyle Dance
  • Includes 6 participants
  • $40 per extra guest
Party Add-Ons
  • Hot Pink Limo Round Trip $175
  • Hot Pink Limo Ride 15/20 Minute Store Drive-Around $75
  • Hot Pink Limo One Way Distance varies by location $150
  • Make Your Own Body Glitter $8
  • Make Your Own Bath Bomb 4-Pack $20
  • Make Your Own Sugar Scrub $10
  • Party Goody Bags $10
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