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Salon for Kids in Scottsdale, AZ

Licensed Cosmetologists for Kids of Any Age

Visiting Sweet & Sassy of Scottsdale children's salon is always a delightful experience. From kids' haircuts to special occasion updos and braids, we have everything you need! Our goal is to turn a simple haircut into an enjoyable event filled with delicious lollipops, engaging child-focused conversations, and loads of pampering.

Haircuts for all

We provide haircuts for children from infants to thirteen-year-olds. We recognize that kids of different ages have varying needs, which is why our services are tailored to specific age groups. Our skilled team knows how to make children feel comfortable and special, ensuring they shine like the stars they are. We can suggest the perfect cut or service based on their age.

Sweet & Sassy® offers:

  • Sassy Haircuts
  • Sweet Haircuts
  • Toddler Haircuts
  • Cool Dude Haircuts

To learn more about our salon for kids in Scottsdale, contact us online or at (602) 560-6681!

Updos & Braiding

Got a special event on the horizon? Sweet & Sassy of Scottsdale can make you feel like royalty! Be it a wedding, quinceañera, or any other special occasion, we can craft stunning updos or braids just for you. Our licensed stylists specialize in creating unique styles and much more! Bring a picture or simply share your ideas with us!

Advantages of a Salon Just for Kids

Taking your little one to a child-specific hair salon is a game-changer, parents! Let's face it, haircuts can be a daunting experience for kids, but in a salon designed just for them, it's pure magic. Imagine a place bursting with bright colors, fun chairs shaped like cars and animals, and stylists who are pros at cutting wiggly, giggly hair. That’s exactly what Sweet & Sassy of Scottsdale is.

Here's why choosing a child-specific salon like Sweet & Sassy of Scottsdale is the best decision ever:

  • Specialized Stylists: These hair wizards know all the tricks to keep your kids calm and entertained, ensuring they walk out with a fabulous cut.
  • Fun Environment: From the decor to the toys, everything is designed to make kids feel at ease. It's less a chore and more an adventure.
  • Patience Galore: Kids can be unpredictable, but these stylists have the patience of saints, turning every snip into a moment of joy.
  • Tailored Services: From first haircuts with keepsake certificates to fun extras like glitter and braids, there's something special for every child.
  • Safety First: Hygiene is top-notch, with child-friendly products and sanitized tools to keep those precious locks in perfect condition.

Parents, trust us—when you choose , you’re not just getting a haircut; you’re giving your child a delightful experience they'll look forward to every single time!

A Salon Where Kids Can Be Themselves

At Sweet & Sassy of Scottsdale, you'll always find a fun, exciting, and safe atmosphere. Our team is committed to making every visit to our children's spa an unforgettable one. From the moment you arrive until you leave, you'll feel like a prince or princess. We absolutely adore giving haircuts, and we can't wait to see the smiles when you catch your new look in the mirror after receiving the Sweet & Sassy® treatment.

For more information on our children's salon in Scottsdale, call (602) 560-6681 or contact us online today!

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What Our Fans are Saying

  • The entire first haircut toddler experience at Sweet and Sassy was wonderful! All staff were extremely friendly, helpful, and organized. My son's hairdresser was professional, patient, and quick but thorough. I recommend them to everyone!
  • My daughter 11th bday celebrations was great and fun with Sweet and Sassy. Spa-tacular package with limo ride was perfect for bday celebration for her. Thank u Sweet and sassy group for making the event great and vibrant ❤️
  • Such a fun experience for little girls!! Mani/pedi, hair style, and so much more! So glad we came for the 1st time and I'm sure we will return!
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