Kids Ear Piercing in Katy, TX

Fun & Exciting Professional Ear Piercing for Kids As Young as Four Months Old

Getting your kid's ears pierced is a right of passage in many cultures and religions. Let Sweet & Sassy of Katy make it an event to remember!

Our kid's ear piercing experience at Sweet & Sassy® is the perfect way to make this a fun and exciting memory for your child. With our reassuring services, your kid can select a beautiful pair of first-time earrings from our wide selection, with parental approval.

All it takes is just one quick pinch for long-lasting style that will leave your child sparkling all day!

Schedule a kid's ear piercing appointment in Katy, TX by calling (281) 990-4838 or booking online.

What is Included in Our Kid's Ear Piercing Package?

At this special moment, we offer your little one a plush throne-like seat and an unforgettable photo – complete with a keepsake certificate. To ensure the utmost comfort for your child, they can choose to cuddle up in mom or dad's lap while holding onto a beloved stuffed animal!

Your kid's ear-piercing will include:

  • Cleaning solution
  • Ear-piercing certificate
  • 14k gold or stainless steel earrings
  • Gourmet lollipop
  • Keepsake photo

Ear Piercing 101 by Sweet & Sassy