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Dance Parties, Spa Celebrations & princess birthday parties for Kids in Katy, TX

Have you always dreamed of riding around in a pink limo, on your way to the spa, concert venue, or fashion runway with all your friends? Or maybe you thought it would be so fun to dress up and have a princess birthday party complete with your very own princess certificate? With Sweet & Sassy of Katy, you can have it all!

Become the star of the show and create a birthday party experience that your friends will be talking about for years.

Our kids spa and salon princess birthday parties in Katy are perfect for kids ages 4-13. As the guest of honor, you get to pick which theme you want to dazzle your friends with!

Choose Your Theme for Your Birthday Party in Katy:

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Perfect Princess

Become the princess of your dreams for a day!

If your little kid loves all things princess, why not treat her to a special birthday party package? Our Perfect Princess Birthday Party package includes everything she needs to feel like a real-life princess for a day. She’ll get to dress up in fancy gowns and shoes, have her hair styled into a beautiful updo, and enjoy shimmery make-up and just-a-polish.
Our Perfect Princess package includes:

  • Dress up with glamorous gowns and shoes
  • Royal updo hairstyle with a sparkly tiara
  • Shimmery make-up and just-a-polish
  • Curtsy workshop
  • Princess coronation ceremony
  • Princess certificate

Fashion Runway

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Get runway ready, then take the Sweet & Sassy Stage and make your modeling debut!

Your daughter and her friends will get to dress up in stylish clothing, have her hair done in an elegant updo, and put on make-up just like a model. They’ll also get to take part in a photo shoot and strut their stuff down the runway in a final fashion show. It’s sure to be an exciting and glamorous experience they’ll never forget!

Our Fashion Runway package includes:

  • Fashionista dress up with clothing that’s all the rage
  • Elegant runway updo hairstyle
  • Shimmery model make-up and just-a-polish
  • Photo props!
  • Strike-a-pose workshop
  • Fashion show finale


*Please call the store for birthday party contract

If you’re ready to be pampered, it’s a spa-tacular day to do so!

Kids’ spa birthday party package includes all the fun of a regular spa party but is tailored specifically for kids. Your daughter can enjoy a day of pampering without worrying about what she’s doing.

Our kids Spa-tacular package includes:

  • Pedicure party with toe rings
  • Relaxing spa-style updo
  • Make-up and just-a-polish
  • Sweet facial
  • Hand treatment
  • Make Your Own sugar scrub to take home
  • Create personal bath salts to take home

Pop Star

*Please call the store for birthday party contract

Take center stage and rock on with your friends as you become the pop star you always wanted to be!

Your daughter and her friends will have a blast dressing up in pop star costumes, rocking out to their favorite music, and jamming out together. Plus, our glitter make-up and just-a-polish will make your little pop star look her best for her big day!

Our Pop Star package includes:

  • Dress up in pop star costumes
  • Rockin’ updo with a colored hair extension
  • Glitter make-up and just-a-polish
  • Jam session
  • Freestyle dance

We love using the most natural, chemical-free solutions, so all our hair and spa products are free from parabens, sulfates, and phthalates.

Add-Ons for Your Katy Princess Birthday Party

Every kid’s spa party at Sweet & Sassy of Katy includes getting ready in Glam Central and having the best day ever! And with our fun add-ons, you can personalize your party to have everything you want.

Some of our popular birthday party add-ons include creating your own:

We create unforgettable birthday parties in Katy, TX! Call us today at (281) 990-4838 or contact us online to book any one of our spectacular theme parties!

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What Our Fans are Saying

  • This is a safe space for neurodiverse kids as well. Zero judgement, and many accommodations made during appointment. My kid had a blast before and after her service and even sat down the entire hair cut. Thank you all so much we will be back!
  • Friendly environment, and a great cut. My daughter told me she wishes she could get her haircut every day!
  • This location is absolutely amazing! The store was busy, but not once did that interfere with the timing of my girls pedicure and manicure. Each lady made my girls feel amazing and the manager of this location deserves a big high five and hug for her amazing energy and welcoming attitude.
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