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At Sweet & Sassy of Plano, we firmly believe in the rejuvenating effects of pampering. Our Spa-Tacular services are designed to envelop your child in luxury, leaving them feeling revitalized, serene, and deeply valued. Whether for a special event or just for a needed break, our team is dedicated to creating an unforgettable spa journey that truly resonates with your child's well-being. With every treatment, we bring the essence of pampering to life.

Secure their spa appointment today and allow us to lavish your child and their friends with pampering! For additional information, reach out online or contact us at (469) 535-6146.

Our Spa Selections

Experience the ultimate pampering with our special Spa-tacular package, designed to take your kids and their friends on a relaxing and refreshing journey. Whether celebrating something big or just having fun with friends, our Spa-tacular package guarantees a day of pampering, happiness, and special memories that you'll always remember. Enjoy a day of laughter, treats, and amazing experiences that will make your bond with friends even stronger.

  • Revitalizing Pedicures: Embark on their spa day by settling into cozy chairs while our technicians work their magic on their tired feet. Treat them to pedicures that transcend the ordinary, complete with a comforting foot soak, precise nail care, and a soothing massage for luxuriously soft, refreshed feet.
  • Radiant Mini-Facials: Immerse themselves in ultimate relaxation with our mini-facials, customized to invigorate and revitalize their skin. Our experts discern their unique skin requisites and employ a fusion of cleansing, exfoliation, and masks to attain a luminous, revitalized complexion.
  • Party-Ready Updo's: Elevate the festivity with our meticulously crafted party updo's, adding an exquisite touch and flair to their special event appearance.
  • Create Your Sugar Scrub: Unlock their creativity as your kids and their friends embark on a delightful DIY adventure – concocting their very own Sugar Scrub. Personalized with fragrances and textures of their preference, this creative venture assures personalized self-care satisfaction.

Secure Their Unforgettable Spa Experience Now!

Beyond the treatments, the Spa-tacular experience at Sweet & Sassy of Plano establishes a space for your child and their friends to connect, unwind, and celebrate each other's camaraderie. Whether sharing stories, chatting, or simply enjoying the peaceful ambiance, the spa creates a setting for heartfelt connections and treasured memories.

Seize the opportunity for a matchless spa day. Contact us at (469) 535-6146 or connect online to schedule their appointment.

*Disclaimer: Prices and services may vary. Kindly refer to our website or contact us for the most current information.

Spa-tacular - $450
  • Get pampered with your friends. It’s a Spa-tacular Spa Day!

  • Includes:
  • Pedicures
  • Spa-Girl Up-do
  • Makeup & Just-a-Polish
  • Sweet Facial
  • Make your own Sugar Scrub Takehome
  • Minimum of 6 participants
  • $50 per additional guest
Party Add-Ons
  • Make Your Own Sugar Scrub $11
  • Make Your Own Lotion $11
  • Party Goody Bags $11
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