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Eras Party in Plano, TX

Unleash Your Kid’s Inner Musical Icon with Our Eras Party Experience

Is your little one ready to shine like a superstar? At Sweet & Sassy of Plano, TX, our Eras Party experience lets kids step into the spotlight and become their favorite musical icons!

Our Eras Party is a concert adventure tailored for kids, filled with dressing up, dancing to beloved tunes, and celebrating in style. Each party includes an exciting makeover with vibrant lipsticks, playful accessories, and even a signature red lip, making every child feel like a true Era icon. The atmosphere is filled with laughter and giggles, creating unforgettable memories.

Contact Sweet & Sassy of Plano to book the Eras Party and let your child's inner pop star shine!

What to Expect at Our Eras Tour Party

Have your child ever dreamed of being a chart-topping pop star, belting out their favorite tunes on stage? With our Eras Party in Plano, TX, that dream becomes a reality for your child!

Dress Up and Dance Like a Star

Each Eras Party is like a mini concert, complete with costume changes! We'll provide everything your child needs to embody their chosen music icon, from cool outfits to funky accessories. It's time to unleash their inner pop star and dance the night away to their favorite tunes!

Makeover Magic

No pop star is complete without the perfect look! Our talented team will be there to add the finishing touches with fun makeovers. Whether it's a splash of vibrant lipstick or a signature red lip, we'll transform your child into a true Eras tour icon.

An Unforgettable Eras Party in Plano, TX

Get ready for a memorable party experience filled with laughter, singing, and dancing! At the Eras Party of Sweet & Sassy of Plano, your child will create memories that will last a lifetime, surrounded by their best friends.

  • Concert Costumes: Dress up in fabulous concert outfits.

  • Concert Updo: Stylish hairdos to match the superstar look.

  • Red Lipstick Makeover: A touch of glam with a signature red lipstick.

  • Stage Performance Time: Perform on stage and shine like a star.

  • Friendship Bracelets: One to keep and one to share with a friend.

Gather your kids and their friends! Join us for an unforgettable Eras Party at Plano, TX. Let your child’s imagination run wild and dance like nobody's watching!

Ready for an amazing Eras Party at Sweet & Sassy of Plano? Call us at (469) 535-6146 or reach out to us online to start planning the celebration!

Eras Party - $500
  • You saw her special - now it's time to star in your own Era!
Party Add-Ons
  • Make Your Own Sugar Scrub $11
  • Make Your Own Lotion $11
  • Party Goody Bags $12
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