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At Sweet & Sassy of Plano in Plano, TX, we champion the belief that every child deserves a day to feel special. The allure of emulating a favorite celebrity, a cherished princess or a role model is an effective way to instill self-confidence and enhance self-esteem.

We've all experienced the joy of pretending to be a superhero, a pop star, or even royalty. Gift your child a day of transformation with our highly sought-after kids makeover parties.

We offer four enchanting makeover options:

  • Spa-Tacular
  • Perfect Princess
  • Fashion Runway
  • Pop Star

Our kids salon is equipped with costumes, accessories, and professional hairstylists to highlight each child's individuality. Our mission is to make every customer feel like they're the most cherished person. We aim to deliver a "Wow" experience - we don't stop until every child is brimming over with joy and positive energy.

Ready to give your child a day they'll never forget? Call (469) 535-6146 or contact us online to book a fabulous kids makeover party today!

The Ultimate Kids Makeover Experience

Looking for the perfect venue for a surprise birthday party? Look no further, Sweet & Sassy of Plano of Plano, TX is your answer.

Our friendly staff is eager to help you plan an exciting and inventive kids spa birthday party. We go the extra mile to tailor each event to the specific age group, size, and preferences of each party.

Allow us to assist you in creating unforgettable memories with a makeover party package that includes:

  • A DIY accessory station where kids can express their fashion sensibilities with beaded jewelry, tiaras, magic wands, and sparkling necklaces.
  • A makeup application station where we add a touch of glamour to every child's look with a fabulous cosmetic makeover.
  • A hairstyling station where we adorn everyone's hairdo with a theme-related twist.
  • A polish-only station where we offer pedicures and manicures, adding a splash of color and creativity with whimsical nail art.
  • A photography station where we provide twinkling stars and other exciting props for a remarkable photoshoot.

Child Makeover Services Create Lifelong Memories

In Plano, TX, where dreams take flight and imaginations know no bounds, our children's makeover studio stands as a testament to the magic of childhood. We believe that every child is a canvas of endless potential, waiting for the right brushstrokes to bring out their inner brilliance.

Here's how our child makeover services craft moments that echo a lifetime:

  • Special from Start to Finish: From the moment they step into our studio, every child is the star of their own fairy tale. Personalized attention, the thrill of selecting their themes, and the joy of transformation make them feel cherished and celebrated.
  • Unbridled Creativity: The makeover process is more than just colors and designs; it's a creative odyssey. Children can choose themes that resonate with their dreams, rocking like a pop singer, shimmering like a star, or ruling like a monarch.
  • Confidence on Display: As the final touches are added, and they see their reflection, there’s a newfound confidence that shines through. The makeover isn't just external; it’s a reflection of the strength, beauty, and potential that lies within each child.
  • Ready for Adventure: With their new look, children feel ready to take on any challenge, be it conquering imaginary kingdoms, singing in front of an adoring crowd, or rescuing the world one adventure at a time.
  • Celebration in Unity: Our makeover parties are a symphony of laughter, bonding, and shared memories. They foster camaraderie, mutual appreciation, and the joy of experiencing something magical together.

In a world that often demands so much from our young ones, our kids' makeover studio in Plano, TX, offers a haven where they can be themselves, dream big, and embrace their true essence. A single day, a few hours, and memories that echo through a lifetime. Give your child the gift of feeling special, creative, self-confident, and ready to take on the world. Let the magic begin!

Plan your next party at Sweet & Sassy of Plano! We're confident that you'll be thrilled with the experience. Contact us today for more information!


Experience the Ultimate Princess Makeover

At Sweet & Sassy of Plano, we offer the ultimate princess makeover experience for your little one. Let your child enter a magical world and bring their dream character to life with our enchanting princess makeovers.

Our stylists will transform your child into a princess with a glamorous hairstyle, sparkling makeup, and a beautiful princess gown. They will feel like royalty as they twirl and dance in our magical salon.

During the makeover, your child can choose their favorite princess character and customize their look. Whether they want to be Cinderella, Ariel, Belle, or any other princess, our stylists will make their dream come true.

Not only will your child look like a princess, but they will also feel like one. Our stylists provide a pampering experience, making your child feel special and loved throughout the makeover process.

Book a princess makeover at Sweet & Sassy of Plano today and give your child an unforgettable experience. Watch their eyes light up with joy as they become the princess they've always dreamed of.

For more information about our princess makeover kids party, call (469) 535-6146 or contact us online today.

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