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Ear Piercings for Kids in Plano

We Offer Professional Ear Piercing for Kids Near You

Are you looking for a safe and reliable place to get your kid's ears pierced? Come on into our Plano kid's ear piercing studio. It’s going to be so much fun! The very first thing you’ll get to do is pick out your favorite pair of earrings and take your place on our luxurious Ear Piercing Throne.

Giving you the royal treatment you deserve, two of our highly trained team members will be at your side, piercing both ears at the SAME time. A quick count to 5, a tiny little pinch, and you’re done! It'll be so quick, you'll be out the door before your know it and ready to show off your sparkling ears to the world! It takes just a few seconds, and you’ll even get a certificate to show off that your piercings were done at Sweet & Sassy of Plano.

Looking for ear piercing for kids in Plano, TX? Give us a call at (469) 535-6146 or book online now!

High-Quality Ear Piercing in a Safe, Fun Environment