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Ear Piercing for Kids in Ridgewood, NJ

How We Pierce Your Child’s Ears?

Looking for ear piercing near you? Has your child been asking to get their ears pierced for what feels like forever? Are you nervous about potential infection after allowing someone to poke holes in your child’s ear?

At Sweet & Sassy of Ridgewood, we understand your concerns and can assure you that your child is in the most capable hands with us.

Reducing Infections & Allergic Reactions

We follow a process using hypo-allergenic and sterile earrings. This is to help reduce the chances of infections or allergic reactions. We’ll walk your little loved one through the process to help them feel comfortable and understand how to properly care for their new piercing.

Your child can choose from 14K Gold or Surgical Steel earrings. We’ll send them home with sanitizing solution, a certificate telling everyone how awesome they are, a photo keepsake, a yummy lollipop, and more.

Where to Get Ears Pieced Near Me?

Visit Sweet & Sassy of Ridgewood for kid-friendly, professional ear piercing near you. While there are plenty of ear piercing places around to choose from, our Ridgewood ear piercing team has experience working with children as young as 4 months old. Our kid's spa aims to make ear piercing a fun and comfortable experience. We're offering ear piercing for Kids to help kids enjoy the experience and gain confidence.

Earring pricing starting from $59.99

  • Looking for professional ear piercing for kids in Ridgewood, NJ? Give us a call at (866) 783-8624 or contact us online today!

Experienced Ear Piercing Team Near You

The nerves probably immediately set in when your child expressed interest in getting their ears pierced. Fortunately, you can rely on our Ridgewood ear piercing team to ensure your child is safe and has fun getting blinged out!

The advantages of our ear piercing process for kids include:

  • Gentle piercing – Your child will feel little to no pain when you trust us to pierce your child’s ears. We take our time to find the perfect spot, ensure your child is happy with it, and inform them of what will happen to calm any anxiety.
  • Care products – We insist you take home the sanitizing solution we use to properly care for your piecing and ensure it doesn’t get infected or close.
  • Detailed care instructions – Once the ear piercing is completed, we give you verbal and written instructions about proper care. You and your child will have all the information needed for a healthy piercing.
  • Various staff to supervise – Not only do you have our certified ear piercing specialist, but other trained staff members are available to help everyone feel comfortable or assist with more than one piercing.

Baby Ear Piercing in Ridgewood

Many parents choose to pierce their baby's ears at an early age, both for cultural and religious reasons. If you're looking for a salon in Ridgewood to get your baby's ears pierced, look no further than Sweet & Sassy of Ridgewood! Our experienced team performs ear piercings for babies as young as four months

Book your appointment today to schedule ear piercings for kids in Ridge, or call (866) 783-8624 to speak with a children's ear piercing expert near you. We can’t wait to see you soon!

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