Sweet & Sassy of Southlake

The Perfect Princess Party in Southlake, TX

Your Dream Princess Makeover Comes True!

Have you ever wished upon a star, dreaming of a day when you could transform into a princess? Well, your dreams are about to come true! Here at Sweet & Sassy of Southlake, we specialize in making young hearts flutter and eyes sparkle with our perfect princess makeover parties!

Ready to feel like royalty? Call (214) 247-1503 or contact us online to book your Perfect Princess Party today and let us sprinkle a dash of magic on your special day!

The Royal Treatment

Our princess makeover isn't just about putting on a beautiful gown and fancy hairstyle (though we do that too!). It's about stepping into the shoes of a princess and feeling like royalty. We'll adorn you with tiaras and wands, and pamper you in everything pink and glittery!

A Touch of Magic

What's a princess without her magic touch? Our princess makeover includes light, shimmery makeup application. Light lip gloss, eye shadow, and a glitter star finish will add the perfect royal touch to your look.

However, if any partygoer would prefer to opt out of the make-up application, just let us know!

Step Into Our Enchanted Castle

From the moment you walk through our doors, you'll be transported to a world of enchantment. Our castle is decked out in an array of pink and purple décor, and stocked with the latest in kids and tween retail items.

Our friendly team will escort you to our back party area, where the princess transformation begins. Your friends will join you for the royal treatment, creating memories you'll be giggling about for days to come!

Keeping it Wholesome and Fun

At Sweet & Sassy of Southlake, we believe in preserving the innocence and joy of childhood. That's why all our parties and features are aimed at being wholesome and fun - never anything more or less. Our costumes cover everything they should, meaning we don’t have any midriff baring or low-cut options, and our “make-up” is sheer and glittery.

We strive to create an environment that celebrates individuality, promotes friendship, and radiates positivity—all while having an unforgettable time.

Join the Royal Party and Make Dreams Come True!

Why dream of becoming a princess when you can be one? Book your princess makeover near me today and embrace your inner princess with Sweet & Sassy of Southlake. We can't wait to welcome you to our royal family!

Perfect Princess - $350
  • Become the princess of your dreams!

  • Includes:
  • Princess Dress-Up with Tiara
  • Princess Hair Up-Do
  • Shimmery Makeup
  • Shimmer Just a Polish
  • Curtsy Practice
  • Princess Dancing
  • Princess Coronation Ceremony
  • Includes 6 Participants
Party Add-Ons
  • Make Your Own Bath Salt $8
  • Make Your Own Body Glitter $8
  • Make Your Own Bath Bomb 4-Pack $14
  • Make Your Own Sugar Scrub $8
  • Make Your Own Lotion $8
  • Party Goody Bags $8
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