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There’s no better place for a kid to be a kid than at our spa! At Sweet & Sassy of Southlake, we have four different spa packages for you to choose how you want to treat yourself. Our licensed cosmetologists receive training for working with children, specializing in manicures, pedicures, haircuts, mini-facials, and more!

Our Southlake kids spa and salon enjoys going above and beyond for our young divas, pulling out all the stops with nail art, rings, glitter stars, and scented lotions. Your child may come in feeling tired from lots of school and friend drama, but they’ll leave feeling fabulous and refreshed.

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Girl getting facial from Southlake kids spa services

Our Royal Treatment Spa Packages

Sweet Treat Manicures & Pedicures

Get ready for some beautiful fingers and toes with this all-in nourishing session:

  • Lotion & sugar scrub scent of choice
  • Hand, foot & leg massage
  • Soft nail filing
  • Fun nail polish
  • One nail art
  • Lollipop

The Ultimate Spa Package

Level up your day of pampering with:

  • Sweet Treat Mani & Pedi
  • Spa-fresh updo hairstyle
  • Two nail arts
  • Mini facial
  • Hand treatment
  • One Selection from the Make Your Own Station
  • Lollipop

Little girl getting her nails painted in Southlake kids spa

The Head-to-Toe Package

Cover all your relaxation needs with:

  • Fun updo hairstyle
  • Sweet Treat Mani & Pedi
  • Two nail arts
  • Lollipop

Diva for a Day Package

If you’re ready to dive into an immersive spa experience, this is absolutely the package for you:

  • Shampoo & haircut
  • Blow-out styling
  • Sweet Treat Mani & Pedi
  • Mini-facial
  • Shimmery makeover
  • Glitter spray
  • Glitter star
  • Lollipop

We completely tailor our services for children, with no sharp equipment or nail tools, lots of glitters, and the opportunity to indulge in fairytale life for a day. Whether a special occasion is coming up, you’re celebrating an exciting moment, or you want to pamper your child, we’re excited to help!

Our Sweet Treat Manicures & Pedicures

Who can resist the pampering of a good mani or pedi every once in a while? Having neat and pretty hands and feet is so much fun! At Sweet & Sassy®, we make it even better! Manicures and pedicures are not just about cool colors or sparkly glitter (although we love that too!). Healthy nails are like twinkling gems on our hands and feet, showing the world how much we care about ourselves! With clean, strong, shiny nails, we can't wait to show them off!

Imagine showing off your awesome nails like a superstar! Manis and pedis aren't just about looking good, they also make you feel amazing! Let's take care of our nails and feel like we're walking the red carpet every day! Join me on this fun nail care journey!

Our Sweet Treat service offers safe and fun age-appropriate manicures or pedicures. We skip cuticle cutting or buffing and focus on creating a sleek look that will bring joy to your child!

What Makes Our Sweet Treat Manicures and Pedicures Different?

Our mani-pedi services are specially designed for kids. We understand that children's skin is tender and sensitive, so we don't use sharp tools for a fabulous mani-pedi. We go the extra mile for our little spa-goers with fun nail art, rings, glitter stars, and they even get to pick their own scented lotion! Your child will leave feeling like the royalty they’ve always imagined themselves to be!

We truly believe that every child deserves a touch of glamor and lots of fun! Our top-notch kids manicure and pedicure services guarantee just that. But don't just take our word for it; come and see for yourself!

For more information about our spa services for kids in Southlake, call (214) 247-1503 or contact us online today!

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What Our Fans are Saying

  • The entire first haircut toddler experience at Sweet and Sassy was wonderful! All staff were extremely friendly, helpful, and organized. My son's hairdresser was professional, patient, and quick but thorough. I recommend them to everyone!
  • My daughter 11th bday celebrations was great and fun with Sweet and Sassy. Spa-tacular package with limo ride was perfect for bday celebration for her. Thank u Sweet and sassy group for making the event great and vibrant ❤️
  • Such a fun experience for little girls!! Mani/pedi, hair style, and so much more! So glad we came for the 1st time and I'm sure we will return!
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