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Children's Ear Piercing in St Louis

At Sweet & Sassy of St. Louis, we understand how scary and intimidating it can be for a child to get their ears pierced. That’s why our team goes above and beyond to ensure it is a memorable and positive experience. We document the monumental occasion with a souvenir photo, special certificate, and delicious lollipop.

Wondering where to get ears pierced in St. Louis? Give us a call at (314) 597-6394 or book onlinenow!

Our ear piercing process involves three fun, easy steps:

  1. We help you choose 14k gold or stainless-steel earrings.
  2. We place your child on a regal throne and offer a furry stuffed animal for comfort.
  3. We pierce your child’s ears quickly and smoothly.

Our ear piercing specialists will be careful and precise so that your child experiences no more than a pinch. Our top priority is to ensure your child enjoys a safe and reassuring ear piercing experience. We are ready and willing to answer any concerns or questions you may have about the process.

Professional Ear Piercing in St. Louis

For many parents, the thought of taking their kids to get their ears pierced is a scary one. Not only do they have to worry about cleanliness of place they're going to, but also if their children is going to have professional, charismatic experience.

Safe and intimate surroundings

Sweet & Sassy is dedicated to providing a warm and welcoming space for you and your child. Our shop is fun and inviting while also maintaining professionalism and hygiene - a perfect place for kids!

Pricing that's easy on the wallet

You won't have to break the bank for this wonderful service - our prices are affordable and transparent.

Ear piercing is free with the purchase of the earrings. Stainless steel earrings are $49.95 and 14 karat white gold are $64.95

Frequently Asked Questions

How old must a child be to qualify for your ear piercing services?

We pierce the ears of children one year and up.

Are there any health risks involved?

Our earring collection is hypoallergenic and sterilized. This means your child has a very low risk of experiencing an allergic reaction. We will also outline the steps you can (cleaning earrings, sanitizing, etc.) take to prevent infection or other complications after the piercing procedure is finished.

Do I need to make an appointment?

No, we do not require appointments. Walk ins are welcome!

Where Can I Get My Ears Pierced?

Ear piercing is a popular form of self-expression for many people, and it can be especially meaningful for kids. Deciding where to get it done, however, is an important decision, as the quality and safety of the procedure are paramount.

From Sweet & Sassy of St. Louis to kiosks in the shopping mall, there are plenty of options when it comes to ear piercings for kids. Regardless of where you go though, always check that they follow proper safety regulations and use sterile tools during their procedures. Additionally, ask what type of jewelry they use - ideally stainless steel, titanium, niobium or gold 14-karat or higher should be used at all times. Finally remember to adhere to any aftercare instructions given by the piercer and time frames provided so your child’s new piercing will heal properly and safely!

Sweet and Sassy offers professional ear piercing at our store located at 178 West Country Center in St. Louis, MO. You can expect a clean, welcoming environment with highly trained piercers and stuffed animals for comfort! Don't hesitate to give us a call to learn more about our ear piercing options!

Give us a call at (314) 597-6394 or contact us online to your questions answer about ear piercing in St. Louis today!

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