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St. Louis Fun-Filled Children's Haircuts & Salon Experience

Step into our salon, Sweet & Sassy of St. Louis - where where we provide an enriching and fun-filled experience for children. We believe in more than just a haircut. We create an enjoyable journey full of lollipops, engaging conversation, and plenty of pampering designed specifically for our young clients.

Our whimsical salon is adorned with vibrant colors and playful decor, and imagination comes alive upon arrival. Our friendly staff greets you with warm smiles and ensures a comfortable environment where kids can embrace the joy of self-expression. From the moment they settle into our specially designed salon chairs, excitement fills the air.

Looking for a Kid-Friendly Hair Salon in St. Louis? Contact Sweet & Sassy®! Call (314) 597-6394to learn more or book an appointment online!

Stylish Haircuts for All Ages in St. Louis

Catering to children from infancy to thirteen years old, we appreciate the unique needs of every age group. Our team of trained professionals ensures that every child is comfortable and feels like the center of attention during their visit. From recommending suitable cuts to providing age-appropriate services, we put your child's comfort and satisfaction first.

Parents can relax and feel confident that their little ones are in good hands. Our salon uses child-friendly products, ensuring a safe and gentle experience for delicate scalps. Whether it's a classic trim or a trendy new look, we cater to all preferences, providing expert advice to guide you and your little one through the hairstyling journey.

Discover Our Range of Haircut Services:

  • Sassy Haircuts
  • Sweet Haircuts
  • Toddler Haircuts
  • Cool Dude Haircuts

St. Louis Event Hair Styling: Updos & Braids for Kids

Getting ready for a special event? Sweet & Sassy® can transform your child's look with a fashionable updo or elegant braid. Our licensed stylists excel in creating specialty hairstyles perfect for weddings, quinceañeras, and other events.

Top Reasons to Choose Sweet & Sassy® in St. Louis

When it comes to your child's hair, you want an experience that's not just about haircuts but about creating joyful memories. Sweet & Sassy of St. Louis is all about crafting that exceptional experience for your child. Here's why you should choose our St. Louis kids hair salon:

Designed for Kids: Our Haircutting Experience

We're not just another hair salon; we're dedicated to kids' hair. Our team understands the unique intricacies of children's hair, ensuring that the experience is not just about grooming but also about making your child's visit enjoyable. From the very first snip to the final flourish, we've perfected our skills to ensure your child leaves with a smile.

A Magical Salon Environment for Children

Our salon is designed to be a place where kids have a blast. It's adorned with vibrant colors, whimsical décor, and themes that ignite their imagination. Whether your child is a toddler or a teenager, they'll step into an inviting and exciting space.

Our Stylists: Skilled & Gentle with Kids

Our hairstylists aren't just professionals; they're adept at handling kids of all ages. We understand that some children may feel a bit anxious or fidgety during haircuts. That's where our team's expertise shines. We're skilled at creating a relaxed and tear-free experience.

Personalized Haircuts to Match Your Child's Style

We know that every child is one of a kind, and their haircut should reflect that. Whether your child wants a classic look, something trendy, or a style inspired by their favorite character, we pay close attention to their preferences and deliver a haircut that suits them perfectly.

Enjoy a Safe & Fun Salon Visit in St. Louis

Sweet & Sassy® is not just a salon; it's a space where kids can truly be themselves. We prioritize creating a safe, exciting, and memorable salon experience for every child. From the moment they step in until they leave with a new look, children are treated like royalty.

Experience the Delight: Your Child's New Look at Sweet & Sassy® Join us at our St. Louis location and let your child enjoy the Sweet & Sassy® experience.

Ready for a Memorable Haircut? Book Your Child's Appointment online or call us at (314) 597-6394 today!

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What Our Fans are Saying

  • The entire first haircut toddler experience at Sweet and Sassy was wonderful! All staff were extremely friendly, helpful, and organized. My son's hairdresser was professional, patient, and quick but thorough. I recommend them to everyone!
  • My daughter 11th bday celebrations was great and fun with Sweet and Sassy. Spa-tacular package with limo ride was perfect for bday celebration for her. Thank u Sweet and sassy group for making the event great and vibrant ❤️
  • Such a fun experience for little girls!! Mani/pedi, hair style, and so much more! So glad we came for the 1st time and I'm sure we will return!
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