Kids Haircuts in St. Louis, MO

High-quality Haircut Experience Tailored to Kids

At Sweet & Sassy of St. Louis, we believe every child deserves a haircut that not only looks great but also provides an enjoyable experience. We specialize in delivering high-quality haircuts for kids aged zero to thirteen in a fun, relaxed environment.

Our St. Louis stylists are experienced, licensed cosmetologists, well-versed in the latest trends in children's and tween hairstyles, including intricate braiding and charming updos. But we aren't just about haircuts - we're a full-fledged kids salon and spa offering ear piercing and pampering spa services.

Explore our kids' haircuts in St. Louis, where style and fun meet! Call (314) 597-6394 or contact us online to book your appointment today!

The Royal Treatment with Our Sassy Cut

Designed for kids between ages 4-13, our Sassy Cut offers an unforgettable styling experience. This service ensures your child feels special and pampered from start to finish.

Our Sassy Cut includes:

  • Expert consultation to understand your child's preferences
  • Shampoo and conditioning for a clean, fresh feel
  • Professional haircut tailored to your child's style
  • Sweet blow-out or braid for an extra touch of glam
  • Finishing off with glitter hairspray and a glitter star
  • A gourmet lollipop as a sweet treat after the session

The Sweet Cut for Little Ones

For children aged 4-6 or those with minimal hair, we recommend our Sweet Cut. This service is designed to make the haircut experience simple and enjoyable for younger kids.

The Sweet Cut package includes:

  • Spray and comb to prep the hair
  • Adorable haircut suitable for their age and personality
  • A dash of glitter spray and a glitter star for a little sparkle
  • A gourmet lollipop to end the session on a sweet note

The Toddler Cut

Our Toddler Cut is perfect for kids aged 3 and under. This service includes a gentle comb-out, a snappy haircut, a glitter star, and a gourmet lollipop to keep them happy. Make sure to ask about our $2 Off before 2pm weekday specials at your local Sweet & Sassy of St. Louis.

More than Just a Haircut

We understand children can be apprehensive about haircuts. That's why our team at Sweet & Sassy of St. Louis is trained to handle kids of all ages with patience and care. Our kids salon is designed to be a comfortable, fun environment where your child will feel at ease. With our expert clipper and scissor skills, your child will leave with a cool, stylish haircut and a smile on their face.