Spa Parties in St. Louis, MO

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Step into the heart of St. Louis, where an exceptional birthday celebration awaits you at Sweet & Sassy of St. Louis. We're dedicated to turning dreams into reality for young kids, and our Spa-tacular birthday party is crafted to make your special day shine just like you do.

Picture yourself surrounded by your closest friends, coming together to celebrate you in a setting dedicated to your enjoyment. Our Spa-tacular birthday party provides a chance to fully embrace the experience of being honored, from the moment you arrive, creating cherished memories in an environment designed for your delight and relaxation.

Whether it's a special occasion or a well-deserved escape, our team is committed to curating an unforgettable spa journey that deeply resonates with your child. Treat your child to a day of self-care and rejuvenation, where our dedicated team caters to every need.

Are you ready to experience the ultimate spa party or self-care day in St. Louis, MO? Contact us now at (314) 597-6394 or reach out online to transform your spa dreams into reality!

Explore Our Spa Selections

Set off on a soothing and energizing adventure with our special Spa-tacular package, thoughtfully created to give your kids and their friends a whole day of pampering, joy, and precious memories. Pick from a range of treatments lovingly selected to renew and uplift, making sure your child feels treasured and revitalized.

  • Revitalizing Pedicures: Enjoy a spa day with pedicures that go beyond the ordinary, complete with a soothing foot soak, precise nail care, and a massage for luxuriously soft, refreshed feet.
  • Radiant Mini-Facials: Customize your mini-facials to invigorate and revitalize their skin, utilizing cleansing, exfoliation, and masks for a luminous, revitalized complexion.
  • Party-Ready Updo's: Elevate the festivity with meticulously crafted party updo's, adding a touch of flair to their special event appearance.
  • Create Your Sugar Scrub: Ignite creativity as kids embark on a delightful DIY adventure, creating their own personalized Sugar Scrub with fragrances and textures of their choice. Secure Your Unforgettable Spa Experience

Beyond the luxurious treatments, the Spa-tacular experience at Sweet & Sassy of St. Louis offers a haven for your child and their friends to gather, unwind, and create cherished memories. Our spa parties are designed to foster lasting connections and create special moments, making them an ideal way to celebrate a milestone or simply enjoy quality time with friends. Elevate your celebrations with our spa parties and cultivate enduring memories of joy and relaxation in St. Louis.

Don't let this incredible opportunity for a unique and unforgettable spa day slip away in St. Louis, MO. Reach out to us at (314) 597-6394 or conveniently connect with us online to secure their appointment.

Disclaimer: Prices and services may vary. Please refer to our website or contact us for current information.

Party Add-Ons

  • Create Your Own Bath Salt

  • Create Your Own Body Glitter

  • Create Your Own Bath Bomb 4-Pack

  • Create Your Own Sugar Scrub

  • Create Your Own Lotion

  • Party Goody Bags