Kids Makeovers in St. Louis

Out Top Priority Is Making Every Child Feel Special

At Sweet & Sassy of St. Louis, we strive to make every youngster feel like a hotshot. The opportunity to get spruced up like an icon, diva, or celebrity can boost confidence and self-esteem. We do everything we can to make every makeover part of an unforgettable occasion. Nothing brings us more joy than to see a face lit up with happiness.

We promise to create a safe setting for your child and their friends to play out their fantasies. We provide accessories, glitter and stylists so every child can exhibit their distinct personality and style. We go above and beyond to make every child feel like they are the north star by creating a "Wow" experience. We aren't satisfied until your child is radiating delight and positive vibes.

Receive the Complete Sweet & Sassy Makeover Experience

Are you trying to figure out how to recognize high grades? Searching for the ideal spot to throw a secret celebration? Sweet & Sassy of St. Louis is the destination for you! Our attentive staff is ready to accommodate your plans with a festive and entertaining makeover experience. Each makeover is tailored to the age group and preferences of each child.

With our ultimate makeover experience package, we can help you create memories that will endure for a lifetime. It contains:

  • A make-up application experience where we offer shimmering, and gleaming make-up.
  • A selfie wall experience for a memorable photo session.
  • A styling experience where we create a hairstyle with flair and fun.
  • A just-a-polish experience where we glamorize nails with a glittery polish.
  • An accessories experience where kids can choose from a princess tiara, fashion boa, fairy halo or pop star hair extension.

Ready to book a makeover at Sweet & Sassy! Give us a call at (314) 597-6394 for more information today!